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Message from the 2014 Patron:

The "Middle East Molecular Biology Congress"  decided to be active and distinguished, even before it starts when it decided to be convened on the land of the United Arab Emirates, which has been opened its arms for everybody for the purpose of exchanging experiences and reviewing the civilizations, cultures and accomplishments....Thus, our state formulated its special unique experience, which became the center of attraction for everybody.

This conference also has got another merit in its record, which is in harmony with the greatest and most tremendous accomplishments of UAE, i.e. building the UAE man and requalifying him.. Why not… We know that one of the main interests of the molecular biology is to improve the medical service… through quick diagnosis of the microbes that cause diseases and classifying them, not to mention the elite entities participating in its works, the organization of which is supervised by a leading expertise house, excelled in this field.

I wish you all success in the works of your conference.. I welcome you and the participants, interested and concerned people who will continue the procedures of its sessions and activities.

                                                   H.E. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak al Nahyan
Minister of Higher Education And Scientific Research

Get ready to join your peers in our educational and open-source communities at the first MEMBS conference in Dubai, from 14th to 17th September 2014 (8th to 11th September).


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Official airlines (EMIRATES)
Travel on Emirates to Dubai, for the 1st Middle East Molecular Biology Congress 2014 from 14-17 September 2014 .....
Special Package to Attend
A special package for a limited time has been released by MEMBS to guarantee the highest scientific exchange and in order to make it easier for those who are on a limited budget to attend >>
Special Package to Exhibit
Special Exhibiting Package to display your products and services for companies and distributors.
Additional 50% discount for Education & Research activities.
4 Methods to be part in MEMBS 2014 - Dubai
The organizing committee offers you a valuable opportunity to be part of (The 1st Middle East Molecular Biology Congress & Exhibition 2014 - Dubai) through 4 methods that meet your goals and position >>

Official airlines (EMIRATES)

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Special Package to Attend

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Special Package to Exhibit

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4 Methods to be part in MEMBS 2014 - Dubai

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