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Latest Molecular Biology News
Influenza Virus Disturbs Metabolism of Intestinal Bacteria and Weakens Immunity of the Lungs ... Researchers from the Lille Centre for Infection and Immunity (CNRS/INSERM/Institut Pasteur de Lille/University of Lille/CHU Lille), INRAE and from ... Read More
Using next-generation sequencing to Uncover the Wide Diversity of HIV Strains ... Despite significant progress against HIV/AIDS, the nation's capital is still battling an HIV epidemic with rates that are five times higher tha ... Read More
Determine the Structure of the Retromer Protein That Transports Molecules in the Cell ... A new cellular biology study, published last month in the journal Structure by scientists at Vanderbilt, reports a shape-shifting structure in the ... Read More
New Software to Identify Genes Associated with Neuropsychiatric Diseases ... Scientists at the UNC School of Medicine and colleagues created a new computational tool called H-MAGMA to study the genetic underpinnings of nine ... Read More
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