About MEMBS Education Department



MEMBS Education Department is a unique tutorial service representing one of the five MEMBS platforms.

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The principle aims of MEMBS Education Department is to be the main open educational source for the Molecular Biology sciences by providing an easy access platform where people can get the knowledge on regular basis in 3 different ways:
  1. Daily online webinars that are available for both (live)  and (offline) interaction, to be organized & given by professional biologists in the region and all over the world..
  2. Monthly local scientific events: training workshops, meetings and conferences, to be organized by MEMBS in collaboration with the main organizations and companies in the Arab countries.
  3. Downloadable scientific material: videos, articles, papers and presentations collected by from leading publishers mentioned next to each material (MEMBS is just the collector - not the publisher).
MEMBS Education Department is uniquely designed to be an additive modern tutorial tool and an interactive platform for interaction and knowledge..