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Osteoblasts Are the Centerpiece of the Metastatic Bone Microenvironment.

27th February, 2017


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Abstact The tumor microenvironment is comprised of diverse stromal cell populations in addition to tumor cells. Increasing evidence now clearly supports the role of microenvironment stromal cells in tumor progression and metastasis, yet the regulatory mechanisms and interactions among tumor and stromal cells remain to be elucidated. Bone metastasis is the major problem in many types of human malignancies including prostate, breast and lung cancers, and the biological basis of bone metastasis let alone curative approaches are largely undetermined. Among the many types of stromal cells in bone, osteoblasts are shown to be an important player. In this regard, osteoblasts are a key target cell type in the development of bone metastasis, but there are currently no drugs or therapeutic approaches are available that specifically target osteoblasts. This review paper summarizes the current knowledge on osteoblasts in the metastatic tumor microenvironment, aiming to provide clues and directions for future research endeavor. KEYWODS: Neoplasms; Neoplasm metastasis; Bone and bones; Microenvironment; Osteoblasts; Osteoclasts.


Korean Endocrine Society


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Citation: Jeong H.M., Cho S.W. and Park S.I. Osteoblasts Are the Centerpiece of the Metastatic Bone Microenvironment. Endocrinol Metab. (2016);31(4):485-492