About MEMBS Molecular Biology News


"MEMBS Molecular Biology News" is a bilingual news service from the Middle East Molecular Biology Society (MEMBS), specialized in publishing latest researches and innovative applications in the field of Molecular Biology, sourced from prestigious journals & scientific research labs.
Daily updated articles cover 3 main categories:
  1- Universities and institutes novel scientific discoveries.
  2- Molecular Biology latest applications and machinery.
  3- Related societies and organizations activities in the Middle East.
Through molecularbiologynews.org you can keep up-to-date with daily “hot” news and breakthroughs relevant to the exciting field of Molecular Biology.
Since being launched in 2015, MEMBS’ molecularbiologynews.org has published more than 4,500 news, which attracted  more than 1 million viewers, and were shared more than 100,000 times.
Every organization, company, journal, or professional interested/ or working in the areas of molecular biology, clinical biochemistry, and biomedicine is welcome to share our interest and submit news through this website accompanied with sources, then we’ll subsequently publish them..
In addition, MEMBS calendar is a reference designed to guide you with dates and details of the upcoming Molecular Biology local and global events..