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New Tricks from Old cells Change Our Understanding of Leukemia

Sep 5, 2019-11:00 am

News Classification : Cancer, Stem Cells & Cancer Stem Cells, Cancer Therapy

Around 22,000 people will be diagnosed this year in the US with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), the se...

Eliminating HIV-1 Infection in Live Animals with a New Gene Editing Strategy

Sep 5, 2019-10:00 am

News Classification : Genetics, Products & Technologies, Gene Therapy, Virology

A permanent cure for HIV infection remains elusive due to the virus's ability to hide away in la...

Your Immune Cells May Be Responsible for Being Obese

Sep 4, 2019-1:00 pm

News Classification : Immunology, Obesity

Why is eating a high fat diet a recipe for obesity? According to a new study from the RIKEN Center f...

Gene Expression Rhythms in Brain are Highly Disrupted in Schizophrenia

Sep 4, 2019-12:00 pm

News Classification : Genetics, Cell Biology, Neurology, Psychology, Transcriptome & Transcriptomics

Rhythms in gene expression in the brain are highly disrupted in people with schizophrenia, according...

Researchers Identified a New Biomarker to Detect Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Sep 4, 2019-11:00 am

News Classification : Cancer, Epigenetics, Cancer Therapy, Urology

A team of researchers from UCLA and the University of Toronto have identified a new biomarker found ...

Rapamycin a Novel Therapy for Follicular Lymphoma

Sep 4, 2019-10:00 am

News Classification : Cancer, Immunology, Cancer Therapy, Cell Signaling

Cancer deploys a vast array of resources to grow: from instability in its genome to inflammation, as...

Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Does Not Escape Immune Detection

Sep 3, 2019-1:30 pm

News Classification : Cancer, Cancer Therapy, Hematology, Pediatrics

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital scientists have evidence that children with acute lym...